Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Push

I've needed "the push" to get back into blogging.
So I will divulge to you my new favorite TV shows.

I absolutely love this show because I learn
something new everytime I watch it. 
Plus, I'd like to think that I'm an amateur picker myself,
even though, I have yet to visit a garage sale this summer.  Oops. 
Still, watching Mike and Frank interact is quite a treat.

You never know what will show up in the store.
People bring in the weirdest and coolest things ever.
It's fascinating to learn the history about all the items.
I highly recommend checking it out.

Tomorrow I will be driving down to Normon, Oklahoma
for a church-related conference.  I am very much looking
forward to this mini roadtrip. 
There's just something I love about driving.
And I hope that this conferencewill help recharge me
and give me that push that I need
for the weeks to come. 

I'll keep ya posted!