Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Preschool Room Decorating

I have definitely had the decorating bug these last couple of days. 
Sunday afternoon and evening I painted the preschool room a lovely yellow.
Then I added these fun animals stickers to the wall
which made the room even more adorable.
I can't wait to see the kiddos faces when they walk into their room!

I really love the alphabet stickers!
And the coat hooks!
And the little bench!

After all this decorating,
I've discovered that my favorite animal is a giraffe.

The quality of the pictures makes the yellow look mustardy,
but the color is much lighter than that. 
I guess you'll just have to come to church and take a look for yourself.

Next project: The Sunday Matinee room.
This room is where all the kiddos meet on Sunday mornings.
And it's our movie theatre room, too. 
So, I wanted to give it that feel. 

I painted this room on Monday and I have most of the decorations,
but I just need to figure out the placement of them on the walls.
Pictures will come!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preschool Room Decorating

Ever since last Saturday, when we were able to raise over $1500 
from the garage sale at church, I have been able to purchase
 furniture and storage units for the kiddos classrooms. 
This past week I focused on refreshing the preschool room. 
My main plan is to paint the walls a creamy yellow and then use
white furniture to accent the walls and add some kid-friendly animal
decorations.  So far, I'm loving the room and I still have a ways to go.

Here's some pictures of what I've done so far:

Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought different sized
canvases as well as these cute little animals.
I matched the animals with a canvase and then chose a
complimentary color for the canvase to go with the animal.

Here's other storage that I've purchased that will add to the overall
"refreshing" process for this preschool room. 

Ahh...I love storage!
And it's so easy to put together!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tutorial: Ruffled Scarf

Last night I got out my scissors and decided to make something.
Jennifer had posted this link on my facebook and I knew that
I had to try it out for myself. 

The tutorial that TidyMom provides is very easy,
so there's really no need for me to provide steps on how to do it
when you can just click on this link:

And here's what I started off with:
A shirt with a gorgeous print.
Then I cut out several 10 inch circles from the shirt
and proceeded to cut the circle in a spiral. 

And then this is the final product:

I basically just let is hang from my shoulders but I have
tried to tie it in front like a scarf.  It works, but I like the
way it is in these pictures. 

Thanks Jennifer for the idea!
I can't wait to make more!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

My blogging has been very minimal as of late.
In the past two weeks I have posted a grand total of two posts. 
And this will make it three. 

I somewhat owe my lack of posting to the busyness of life
and to my attitude towards composing interesting posts.
I had a few ideas that I toyed around with and then I decided
that I will only post things that are worthy of posting. 

So, one thing leads to another and here I am again with a few pictures
of outfits.  Most of what I've worn recently has already
been photographed or not worth of a picture. 

This one was from a couple of weeks ago when the weather was a bit chilly.
Lately, it has been dry, hot, and windy. 

This past Sunday I broke out my white capris to wear to church.
I love the top because it's crazy.
I've been known to call it my Grandma bowling shirt.
I get weird looks when I tell that to people. 

And I will end with a picture of something I found at the garage sale
this past weekend.  By the way, the garage sale we held at church
raised $1500 for our children's ministry.  And I've already started redecorating
the preschool room by bying some great wall decorations and storage containers. 
Those pictures will appear sometime in the future. 

This pasta cannister will one day be displayed in my kitchen. 
I think it's absolutely amazing and funky and totally old school.