Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Preschool Room Decorating

I have definitely had the decorating bug these last couple of days. 
Sunday afternoon and evening I painted the preschool room a lovely yellow.
Then I added these fun animals stickers to the wall
which made the room even more adorable.
I can't wait to see the kiddos faces when they walk into their room!

I really love the alphabet stickers!
And the coat hooks!
And the little bench!

After all this decorating,
I've discovered that my favorite animal is a giraffe.

The quality of the pictures makes the yellow look mustardy,
but the color is much lighter than that. 
I guess you'll just have to come to church and take a look for yourself.

Next project: The Sunday Matinee room.
This room is where all the kiddos meet on Sunday mornings.
And it's our movie theatre room, too. 
So, I wanted to give it that feel. 

I painted this room on Monday and I have most of the decorations,
but I just need to figure out the placement of them on the walls.
Pictures will come!

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