Thursday, June 2, 2011

my skirt looks like a confused zebra...

my skirt looks like a confused zebra.

or maybe what a zebra would look like if you looked through a kaleidoscope. 
but that's what my life feels like.
a kaleidoscope.
i'll let you think about that for a while.
because I had to.
my summer is turning out to be just as busy
as the other nine months of the year.
summertime is a time for me to get a good jumpstart on
writing curriculumfor next year's children's ministries.

and boy is it going to be exciting!
it will be full of mystery, suspense and intrigue :)

it's a long process, but i wouldn't have it any other way. 

at least i will be in washington d.c. in two weeks to see tina!
i have most of my visitors' guide highlighted and most of the city
map has been filed into my long-term memory. 

i can't wait to visit such a vibrant city.

until next time...keep twisting that kaleidoscope!


  1. Ashley! I am so glad you updated your blog, so I can see your face!

    Talked to Tina tonight, she mentioned you coming! I am jealous!