Friday, August 3, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know it's been forever since I posted?
It has been quite a while...basically 3 months. 
Life has been crazy during the summer. 
I hate saying it because everyone else says it, but it's true. 

Life keeps going. 
The world keeps spinning. 
And my watch keeps ticking. 

So, to catch you up to speed, I will be providing some pictures
of all my travels (which was pleasantly abnormal)
and some of the everyday kind of stuff.

Earlier in the summer, when it was still bearable to go outside in the evenings,
my whole family and I have been relandscaping our backyard. 
Mom has been reading her HGTV magazines and watching all those
home improvement shows and felt the need to redo the backyard. 

I found myself actually enjoying the physical work, especially when I was stressed out
and all I had to do was dig up some grass and everything was better!

Here's what the partially finished product looks like!

At the end of June, my friends Jenae, Amanda, Saundra,
and I made a spontaneous trip up to Colorado Springs just before the fires
started.  We had a blast during those couple of days and many great inside
jokes. Luckily, the fires were about 15 minutes away from us and we were
still able to go hiking...even though people on the news told us not to. 

This was the view from the house we stayed at.

This was the start of the fire on that Saturday afternoon. 
We just couldn't believe it was happening. 

A few weeks later, we had VBS at our church, which was an absolute blast! 
The kids really enjoyed SKY VBS and as far as we know,
11 kids made salvation decisions!
I had the joy of decorating (with a great team of ladies)
as well as co-directing VBS.
These kids here are trying out some awesome science experiments.

During VBS, the previously mentioned girls and I took a little swim at the
amazing La Torre, just a few minutes out in the country. 
I was absolutely blown away
 by how pretty this Italian villa was, and to think
I had never known it was in Inman!

Right after VBS, I took a mini vacation to a lovely cabin,
because well I was exhausted and needed some time to myself.
Spending time in this little cabin definitely rejuvenated me and
helped me get back on track.

Then, just this past week I went to Omaha for our church's conference.
It was great being able to spend time with our pastors' kids
(who I absolutely adore) and find out what God is doing through our church
 conference. Plus, I love road trips, and I had a lovely
time driving and listening to music.

So for now, things are kinda settling down, but not really.
The DVR at home is full of Olympic coverage which fills up my evenings.
I wish we didn't have to wait every 4 years to watch so many amazing athletes!

At work, we're gearing up for our fall ministries here at church. 
I get to make a huge announcement this Sunday about something
I'm very passionate about.  I can't wait!

And hopefully, I can remind myself to post more often. :)


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  1. Ash, I'm finally taking some time to catch up on my blog reading. :) I need to post on mine as well. Thanks for the update OF YOUR SUMMER! :) It looks like you had an eventful, fun, and adverturesome summer. I'm glad you are finding your own rhythm in life, and I'm so blessed by our friendship! enJoy what is left of the fall, dear friend.