Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Investigation Begins!

Last night was a great night because I was able to
train my Awana volunteers for the upcoming year. 
The theme for this year is "Investigating Truth"
so everything has a special agent/detective/spy twist to it. 
Basically any information that I have sent out has been
authenticated with a "top secret" stamp in red ink. 
I absolutely love that stamp and have become a little stamp happy. 

The following pictures are of the tables I decorated for our Training Sessions.
I thoroughly enjoyed rumagging up some great props for these tables.

I found these spelling tiles and created different phrases for each table.
This one says, "Crack the Code" since there are several decoder wheels on the table.

This phrase says "Look beneath the surface."
I took one of my college textbooks and partially cut out the middle of page
to create one of those false middles where you can hide secret gadgets or whatnot.

This phrase says "Don't blow your cover."
And I was able to borrow my dad's vintage binoculars, as well as
find prop beards from my drama box. 

This phrase says "It's Top Secret."
Especially since there's a confidential folder and envelope on the table.
Not to the mention the classy briefcase.

"Be on alert!"
You can never be too careful when training to be a spy.

"Meet me at nine o'clock."
Yes, it's true.  Special Agents will be exchanging
information contained inside the Top Secret folder.

Overall, the training session was great because I have an excellent team of volunteers!
Can't wait for the kids to come next week!

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  1. Ash, you are so creative! These are great!
    I especially love how that text book came in handy!