Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rosette Bookpage Wreath

Yay! I'm finally getting around to posting again on my blog!
It's been least a month???  Oops.
But this DIY is definitely worthy of a post.
If there's anything that I love making its wreaths.
I probably enjoy it because I get to
rip apart (I mean, reuse) my old college textbooks.
 *Thanks Jennifer for giving my the inspiration!*

1. Rip out a page from an old book. 

2. Fold the page in half but leave half an inch at the top
so that when you twist the paper it looks all pretty. 

3. Roll the end at least 4 rotations. 
Now that I'm looking at the picture, it realize that the picture is incorrect. 
When you twist the pages, you will want the edges of the
bookpage to flip out to create the rosette and not be trapped inside. 
So have the open edges to the left hand side and face down. 
You will roll from the top.

4. Fold the bookpage and then turn the rosette half a turn. 
Continue this process until you have used up the whole bookpage.

5. Then place a staple at the bottom to hold everything together.

6. Then I took each individual rosette and hot glued
them onto the straw wreath.

7. After a few burned fingers and numerous rosettes later,
voile! a beautiful new wreath!

I must say, out of all the ones I've seen on the internet,
this has to be one of my favorites!

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  1. Your blog is very inspiring!
    I'll copy some of your projects!
    Thank you! :)