Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out...Tomorrow?

Dear Sun,
Please come out.  Soon.  I have spring fever.  I wanted to wear capris and sandals yesterday but you wouldn't let me.  If you could take care of all the piles of papers I have on my desk at work, it would be greatly appreciated.  That is all. 
Sincerely, Ashley

I would really love the sun to peak through the clouds and shine its face.  Things have just seemed to be creeping along and I'm ready for the weather to give me a boost.  Friday's temperatures and lack of cloud cover appear to be promising, which is good because the family and I plan to go to Salina for some fun!  Other than that, I've enjoyed my evening by watching Biggest Loser and getting a head start on a project.

Here's the outfit of the day with one of my jersey necklaces.

   Graphic Shirt: Target.  Biege Cardigan: Old Navy.  Belt: Forever21.  Black Jersey Necklace: Hand-made!