Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weather in Kansas

Being a Kansas native, I know that I should expect the weather to never be consistent or to even be what I would like it to be.  I have two prime examples of this situation.  Today.  Today is cold compared to the past 3 days and there was even frost on my car this morning!  I put most of my winterish clothes away, but I still have a few accessible flannel shirts stored in my closet, so that's what I went with today. 

Jeans: Target.  Grey Shirt: Target.  Flannel Shirt: Target.  Scarf: Target.  Yes, today is a Target day. This happens a lot and I'm glad it does.

I dug out some closed-toe shoes this morning and slipped on my TOMS which are super comfy but also leave the bottom of my socks brown because of the leather sole in them.  Weird. 

The second example of Kansas' odd, bipolar weather happened this weekend when I went to KC with Linzy to see some other college friends.  For some reason I didn't pack for the weekend appropriately.  I believe I looked at the weather for Inman and not for Kansas City.  My mistake.  The weather was chilly and drizzly and I was definitely unprepared.  Luckily my toes didn't fall off and Kassie let me borrow one of her jackets. 

I also want to add some pictures that I took from this weekend, which wasn't too many, but they are of us girls at a 'Stampin Up' workshop.  These workshops allow you to make beautiful cards with your friends and it was a great way to spend the evening.  Hopefully I'll remember to take some close up pictures of the cards later, but for now this is all. 

The weather app on my phone tells me that it's only 28 degrees outside.  It also tells me that the high for today will be 53.  Tomorrow should be slightly warmer, but the next couple of days not so much.  Guess I'll have to keep wearing jeans and closed-toe shoes and flannel shirts :)


  1. I'm glad I made it on your blog! =) But I look a bit distressed, maybe?

    Glad you had fun even though it was chilly and on your other post...I totally thought about organizing my clothes by color!

  2. You went to a SU! workshop!? Fun! I want to see your cards!! I'll have to show you my stamps sometime too! Your blog is really cute and I'm adding you to my Google Reader! I have so many blogs I follow! :)