Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday. Snow. Super Savings.

Yesterday I was in the mood to go hunting for garage sales, but it's still a bit early for that season.  So, I found a happy medium and made my way to Goodwill in hopes of some cheap finds.  And yes, I was successful. 

I found about 10 different sized picture frames that I plan on using to decorate the Drama Workshop room at church.  When the weather gets nicer, I will set up shop on the back patio, sand these frames down and paint them black.  Here's some pictures I found online that inspired me.

I also found a bunch of skirts for $3 each.  That means that I have a lot of fabric to make a lot of cute accessories with.  I was so excited about all the possibilities that I gave into my impulses to cut and sew and glue.  I went to bed way after midnight still with ideas floating around my head of things that I want to create. 

At the top of my list of things to create: jersey t-shirt necklaces!  I've been wondering how to accessorize outfits in the summer without scarves, so I believe that this will be a much "cooler" alternative.  I will be happily cutting and snipping away at old t-shirts this afternoon in an attempt to stay awake while I simultaneously watch NASCAR and KU Basketball.  Here's an example of one of these fabulous necklaces.  

And, to close out the post, here's another Target outfit.  However, the scarf was given to me as a gift.  The scarf was given to me anonymously from someone in church.  There was a note attached saying that they had noticed how often I wear scarves and that this one would be a great addition to my collection.  Very sweet. 



  1. I LOVE scarves! They are about my only accessory! (I should maybe work on that) But I never thought about the t-shirt necklace being a summer alternative. I will have to give that a try! :-D

  2. Please show me how to make one! LOL I tried and it broke.... I think I did make it strong enough, plus a certain baby was pulling on it...