Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Back Wednesday: Simple Pleasures

I wanted to find a picture from my past that would make me laugh. 

Ah yes.  Simple Pleasure detergent. 
This was sophomore year at Tabor. 

If I recall correctly, Ginger, Linzy and I were incredibly bored and decided to go on a random adventure trip to Newton.  We made many stops including Sonic, Mokas (which was closed), Drubers (which was closed), Walmart, and Arby's.  Oh, and a park with playground.  I remember falling down on the half pipe because it was cold and icy.   

Those were some great times. 
Wandering around aimlessly. 
Gratifying our impulsive nature. 
Totally oblivous to anything around us. 
Enjoying every moment. 

I miss those days when responsibility didn't dictate your schedule for the day.
When you could watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy all day.
When you could go to the caf and eat a waffle for all three meals of the day. 
Simple pleasures that we take for granted. 

Balance in life is crucial.
I realize this more each day.
I just wish I was better at it.

Here's my office.  And my outfit.
Luckily I stood in front of the piles that I have scattered across the counter. 
It's a little scary in there sometimes.
Tomorrow, I'm sleeping in.
And I will enjoy the simple pleasure of hitting the snooze. 


  1. ah yes, I miss college, too!:-)

    cute outfit!! is that a t-shirt necklace you are wearing? I want to try to make one!

  2. Yes this a necklace I made. I came home for lunch and decided I needed an accessory, so I made one.

  3. Oh, college...sometimes I miss those days.

    Nice office - I see Braden! =)

  4. Oh my goodness look at you!! I remember those days! Very fun to look back!