Sunday, April 24, 2011

Faith Like a Child

This morning was truly a celebration of Christ's Resurrection at church.
Our numbers soared with all the visitors and families
and I found it difficult to know where to sit.

The most beautiful thing I saw this morning was the faith of a child.
This five-year-old brings much joy to everyone he meets.
As the congregation sang songs together,
I could hear his off-key voice above the rest. 

As the congregation sang songs together,
he raised his hands and I found my heart swell.
With tears in my eyes I will still able to see a glimpse of heaven
through a boy's simple act of worship. 

And though my heart rejoices for all of this,
I desperately want people to see beyond Easter,
to see beyond the cross and understand
that we not only celebrate his death
but his LIFE and the LIFE we can live in Him.

He is no longer on the cross.
He is no longer in the grave.
Yet so many times we keep him there.
And so many times we only bring him out on this day.

Easter is not about filling church pews out of religious obligation.
For why is Jesus more special on this day?
Is he not still alive every day of the year?

I would hope that people's celebration of Easter
would extend beyond the commercialization of it.
He deserves our full worship and should not
compete with marshmallow peeps and jelly beans.
Chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs.

I hope that we can celebrate the life that He is living
and not just the life that He lived.

May we have faith like a child and not care
if we sing off key or raise our hands in public.

For that's the kind of faith I want to have


  1. It is "funny" that I just read this, as I was just finishing up a thank you to this family! I was so touched by this little boy this morning as well and had to compose myself so I didn't cry. He truly made a special day even more special! What a blessing!