Friday, April 15, 2011


Days like today should be outlawed.
This type of weather should know that it's not welcomed.
But to break up the monotony of the day,
I checked out some new blogs. 

I've definitely seen some DIY crafts that I must try! 
Especially the one tutorial where you take pages from an old book,
fold them accordian style, and then glue them to a straw wreath!
It almost looks like marigold!
Hmm...I might just have found myself a little project for this evening. 

I brought the scarf back out today because it was windy and cold.
Everything else comes from Target.  Go figure :)


  1. I agree- todays weather is awful! It wouldn't be so horrible if it weren't cold! I have a scarf on as well!

    You should definitely come down this summer and we should have a DIY weekend. We could each pick a few projects and do them together! =)

    Those are some cute blogs! The last one was deleted though?

  2. I edited the last blog, so it should work now.

    and i love the idea of a DIY weekend!

  3. ooh thanks for checking out my blog :) i love new readers!
    and your blog is lovely!

    peace. love. create.