Monday, April 11, 2011

Tornado Alley

This morning I went to the Cosmosphere in Hutch to see the TIV
(Tornado Intercept Vehicle) and to watch Sean Casey's film, Tornado Alley. 
It was a pretty fabulous experience!
And I'm glad I took the time to go do something very out of the ordinary.

P.S. I can't wait until the next season of Storm Chasers comes on!
The TIV is definitely not pretty or graceful or delicate.
But it's a beast.  And it's seen its fair share of tornadoes!

I wish I could remember some of the facts about the TIV,
but at this moment they have all escaped my mind.

Changing the subject...

I also need to catch up on uploading pictures
of outfits I've worn in the past two days.
Here's today:
White pants: Target, Striped tank top: Old Navy, Purple cardigan: Forever 21.

I wore this outfit to church yesterday.
Blue pants: Target, Purple cami: Target, Floral cardigan: Target.
Hey! Another Target outfit! 
At least the shoes (which aren't pictured) are from Payless. 

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