Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Threads and Ribbons

Yesterday I took advantage of half price beads at Hobby Lobby.
I bought a variety of different colored wood beads to add onto my necklaces.
I like how they turned out. 
 The thing I love most about the beads is that they are movable. 
That way, depending on the look you want, you can adjust it however. 
And I really like the outfit I wore yesterday.
Flannel shirts are a staple during these transitioning times,
especially with Kansas weather being as tempermental as it is.
And I took my skinny jeans and rolled them up into capris. 
Then I topped it up with my every comfy TOMS. 


  1. You know, you could totally make those and sell them!

  2. I have thought about it...maybe an Etsy account. I think it would be really fun!

  3. oo- I also like that outfit!